What To Do If They Can’t or Won’t Hire You!

The last lesson showed you the things that you have to do in order to get clients. And, I am sure I have given you the impression that you will have 100% acceptance rate.

However, the truth is generally farther away from that: You will likely get more rejections than you probably bargained for.

Don’t be discouraged, it’s an occupational hazard.

Be happy, ¬†though, because it increases your chances of huge success. This is because many people won’t make any attempt for the fear of being rejected.

This lesson will show you what to do with those rejections. Yes, you can turn that lemon into lemonade. You just need to know what to do.

So let’s go…


What do you do if they can’t or won’t hire you?

Take note, I did NOT say if they don’t hire you. If they don’t hire you, it’s because they either can’t or won’t.

You need to understand this…

Every human being naturally wants to make progress. Therefore, people go for things that help them make such progress.

If they don’t, it’s because something is stopping them. They really want to make progress.

So let us look at why some of your prospects won’t or can’t hire you…


1. They can’t if they don’t see any real benefits.

Problem: You didn’t take the time to research, study and understand what makes their business tick and show them clearly how the internet will help them do that better, faster or at a cheaper rate.

Solution: Profile your prospects well. Think from their point of view. Put yourself in their shoes. Identify what their greatest marketing challenges are and show them the solution in ways they can relate with.


Cost Value Matrix - Arrow And Target

2. They can’t because they think the risk of loss outweighs the potential for profit. In fact, some people won’t if they believe the likelihood is 50/50.

Problem: They are afraid of loss.

Solution: Since these people respond to fear, show them how their businesses might become extinct if they don’t take advantage of the internet soon.

Also, take the time to understand what risks they have to deal with. For example, if they are afraid you might NOT deliver as promised, give them reasons to relax.

You could tell them to pay after each milestone is delivered as promised.

You could offer them a pay-per-result kind of deal. Using Ada4U as an example, you could work out an arrangement where you get paid a fixed percentage of project fees for every new customer you bring.

Take the risk off them as much as possible and you’ll increase your chances of getting them as clients.


3. They can’t because they’ve NOT seen enough real world examples of people who have succeeded with what you are teaching.

Problem: They like the tried and tested. They don’t have what it takes to be pioneers.

Solution: Show them examples of people who are doing it. If you can’t find enough examples now work on other clients but maintain contact with them. It will be easier to sell to them once you are able to deliver good results with other clients.

Then all you’ll have to do is show them some of your clients’ success stories.


Financial Pressure

4. They can’t because they don’t have the funds to do it.

Problem: Lack of funds.

Solution: Depending on what type of organization they operate, you can show them how to raise funds. I will show you how I did it for an NGO later in this series.

Another option is to work out a partnership where you or someone else who has the funds sponsors the project, you acquire new customers and then you share revenue in a predetermined manner.


5. They can’t because it sounds too good to be true.

Problem: They don’t believe you.

Solution: Check your message and see if there is too much hype. If there is, tone it down and make it more down-to-earth.

This class of prospects needs more facts. You should take more pains to show them how what you are promising will be achieved. Give them a walk-through of how it works in the real world.


6. They can’t because they believe the internet is for fraudsters.

Problem: They are misinformed.

Solution: Show them people they trust and respect who use the internet for legitimate purposes.

If possible, enlist the help of this trusted/respected figure(s) in showing what the internet really is — A platform that could be used for either good or bad.


A metal toggle switch with plate reading Change and Same, flippe7. They won’t because they are afraid of change.

Problem: Resistance to change.

Solution: Show them how the change is happening with or without their permission. Show them how they are about to make their business lose out or become less relevant/irrelevant by NOT taking advantage of changes that will give them more competitive edge.

Show them how easy it is to do. Show them that they really don’t have to change their routines. You can take the hard work or the whole work off them (Off course, you know that means they will have to pay you a lot more for your services. But you don’t mind, do you?).


8. They won’t because they “know it all” as far as their business is concerned and the internet isn’t one of the things that makes their business work.

Such people are too close-minded to even consider the use of the internet to take their business/organization to the next level.

These people will keep doing things that no longer work. It takes a major tragedy/disaster to open their minds to other possibilities.

Problem: They know it all.

Solution: Don’t waste your time with this group of people. However, let them know you are available to help when a major disaster/tragedy shows them they don’t know everything (Don’t tell them that, though).


9. They can’t because they are too ignorant to even comprehend what you are talking about.

If you meet someone who has never sent an email, visited a website or does NOT know there is something called Facebook, then you’re dealing with someone in this group.

Problem: Too ignorant

Solution: Look for someone within their inner circle who has enough background knowledge to comprehend what you are saying. This is the person you’d have to explain things to.

Give this time and still maintain a cordial and respectful relationship with them.

They may never understand what you are talking about but with a good relationship, they might just try out your “new fangled theory” to see if they make more money.


Senior Man Arguing And Gesuring

10. They won’t because they have NOT seen proof you know what you are talking about.

Problem: They want proof you can make it happen.

Solution: Show them clients you have worked with and the results you got for them.

But what if you don’t have any client yet?

Offer them a pay-per-results package.

Tell them they can pay later only IF you deliver as promised.

Start your own web site and make it a success. This can then serve as proof you know what you are talking about.



Some of the recommendations made here might be above your current skill level. But don’t worry, we are here to help. We will take you through more tutorials in the coming days to make you capable of dealing with any of those scenarios.

But while you go through your training, you can take advantage of myself and my team. Don’t forget: We are here to help you succeed.

Do you have any other tips that might help or do you have a question? Leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to respond within 24 hours.

Tomorrow’s lesson: How To Design A Professional Website (A Step-by-step video tutorial).

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