How To Start Your Own Profitable Business Now!

You should be able to start your own profitable business right away — Within the next three hours!


How can anyone start a business within three hours? You must be kidding, aren’t you?

Incidentally, I am NOT.

You can start a legitimate business that will thrive and change your financial status for ever within the next three hours.

To tell you the truth, people usually like making things complicated either because they don’t know enough to simplify things or they don’t want other people to get a piece of the action.

So how can you start off within the next three hours?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

I’ll start by asking you a question?

Have you ever sold anything in your life?

It could be an old phone you no longer needed or liked. It could be something you really liked but you had to raise money. It could also be you had/have a store and just sell things.

But have you ever sold anything in your life?

If your answer is NO then you really can’t start a business within the next three hours. You may have to go through a longer process.

However, if your answer is YES then you have all it takes.

So you’ve sold something…


How did you do it?


You did one, two, three or a combination of the following things…

1. You went to a place where you knew someone who needed what you wanted to sell.

2. You had a place of business where people who needed what you wanted to sell visited.

3. You advertised what you wanted to sell in a place where you know people who need your stuff will see it.

4. You showed a prospective buyer how your product/service would improve their live. In other words, you showed them the benefits of owning what you wanted to sell.

5. You made them an offer they couldn’t resist.

6. You had a relationship with them and they bought your stuff because they didn’t want to ruin that relationship.

Now all I am going to do in this training series is to show you how to repeat what you’ve done before in a more organized manner. That, my friend, is all you need to start the business I will now introduce to you…


The business…

I like good stories so, please, indulge me as I’ll tell you one to show you the high demand of our business…

Many people lost their jobs during the Great Depression in the US. So every morning, most young men went out knocking at the doors of the few businesses that were still standing. They all offered the same thing…

“I am ready to do any work, sir.”

Painfully, no one was willing to hire them even when all they wanted was just very little as pay. This was because the business owners themselves were struggling to survive.

However, there was a smart young man who went about his job search in a totally different way…

He spent days and weeks studying until he found out smart ways he could help businesses make money even during the Great Depression. Armed with this information, he went knocking on their doors. Instead of the usual phrase…

“I am ready to do any work, sir.”

He announced to them…

“I can help you make more sales and get more customers!”

The business owners were interested in what he had to offer. They listened. He got a job — No, jobs. Yes, he got them.

Yes, that’s something every business person can’t resist: Show them how you can help them make more profit and you’ve got a job with them. It works always.

That’s the business I’ll teach you to operate from now on…

Helping businesses make more money.

That’s the business.


So how does it work?


That’s where your training begins…

(School bell rings. The teacher walks in)…Illustration of an Owl Holding a Stick to Emphasize What He is S

Business is about spending money to make more money.

It’s bad business if you spend nothing and make nothing.

It’s bad business if you spend N100 and make N75.

It’s good business if you spend N1.5m and make N3m

It’s good business once what you invest is smaller than your return on investment.

Every good business owner knows this.

If you must be a good service seller you must know this too.

Don’t ever approach a business telling them what you want from them — That’s called “increasing expenses.”

Tell them what you can bring in for them — That’s called “increasing return on investment.”

We design websites — You are telling them to give you money to build one for their business. Why should they do that? Do you know how many young web designers who have approached them recently with the same proposal?


But try this…


We can help your business get more customers. We can help you increase your market share by targeting a segment of the market you have NOT catered for fully.

The words Cut Costs on a pie chart to symbolize the need to reduWhile we help you get more customers, we will drive down your average customer acquisition costs. We can reduce the stress on your help desk. We can help you operate 24/7 while radically reducing the work load on your current human resources…

Bring in more revenue + reduce recurrent expenditure = Maximized profits.

Let’s imagine that a Company NJY currently has financial statement…

Total revenue: N45m per year

Total expenditure: N30m per year

Total profit will be = N45m – N30m = N15m


However, demonstrate clearly that you can improve Company NJY’s financial statement to…


Total revenue: N75m per year

Total expenditure: N28.5m per year

Total profit: N75m – N28.5m = N46.5m

Do this and they’ll be afraid to let you leave without making a commitment to get you on their side.

Show a struggling business/business person how you can make them much more profitable and they’ll beg you to help them out (they’ll start begging you to pay you).


So how do you do this in the real world?


You show them an untapped world…

Marketing via the internet!

Before you roll your eyes and dismiss it as one of those things, let me show you with a practical example…



Imagine a wonderful young caterer. Let’s call our imaginary caterer Ada4U. She bakes wonderful cakes — Wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, birthday cakes, you name it.

At the moment, she has an office somewhere in Isolo. Here’s how her average month looks like…

Wedding cake orders: One and for that she gets about N200k (Yes, she bakes stunning cakes).

Birthday cakes: two — which brings in an average of N50k.

Other orders: average of N100k.

Total orders: N350k

Total expenditure: N150k

Profit: N200k

She and her crew (two apprentices and one helper) have the capacity to deliver 30 wedding cakes, 25 birthday cakes and 100 assorted cakes each month.

She has the capacity for much more but is limited by marketing. She relies largely on word-of-mouth.

She happens to be your acquaintance.

What do you think she will do if you tell her to hire you to design a website for her?

But what would she say if you tell her that you know exactly what to do to help her get 30 wedding cake orders per month (And that she can get to that target within the next 12 months)?

By the way, 30 wedding cake orders will mean around N6 million gross earnings.


Do you think she would pay attention to you if she believes you know what you are talking about?

You bet!

She would have one concern, though…

Is it something she can afford?

Would she go for it if you show her it’s within her reach?

Sure, she would.


Now let me show you how it’s within her reach…


With just $500 per month, your team of internet marketing experts (myself and my team) can help her set up an online system that will help her get 10,000 targeted followers/fans within a given locality by the end of the year.

These 10,000 fans are people who will rave about her free baking video tutorials, baking tips and special offers. She will build a relationship with them. They will come to see her as an authority in cake design. They will come to trust her recommendations. Many of these people will feel honored to have Ada4U design their wedding cakes.

To make her fans and subscribers feel special, she can give them special discounts for each order they make. She can boost her orders and get her fans/subscribers to work for her by doing special promos.


Here’s an example…

A “buy/order/refer three wedding cakes and get one free” promo enlists the services of every lady who would like to save N200k. They will tell any acquaintance who can afford it about the wonderful cake designs Ada4U makes.

So how will Ada4U get this targeted subcriber/fan base?


The entire process could be simplified to this…

1. Get their attention.

2. Get their permission to stay in touch.

3. Give them top quality value.

4. Develop a relationship.

5. Build trust. Then…

6. Monetize!

We’ve developed an integrated system that makes it easy for even small businesses to achieve the above and expand their customer base even on small budgets. This system makes it much easier for us to draw value and exposure from different online platforms while creating a network that makes each individual platform even more powerful.


Here are some of the platforms…

a. Press release sites

b. Article syndication sites

c. Video syndication sites

d. Search engines

e. Facebook and other social media sites

f. Email marketing systems

For example, we place highly optimized and targeted adverts on Facebook. These help us build likes and a bigger audience on Facebook.

However, by using special applications, we are able to simultaneously build a list of leads/subscribers that Ada4U can communicate with whenever there is the need.

This becomes an asset that Ada4U controls and that eventually helps her business build a higher level of engagement on Facebook, video sites, article sites, etc.

As if that wasn’t enough, the traction built via her Facebook and newsletter audience helps send her articles and videos to the top of Google and other search engines.

This creates a loop that helps her build even more subscribers and likes and so on.


What can Ada4U achieve when she has this kind of audience?

High rate

1. A big audience attracts more outside opportunity

Corporate entities love throwing their weight behind causes that have a large following. It’s simple logic: They get more mileage for their sponsorships.

Collaborations are easier to attract. Partnerships are easier to forge as there’s now more in it for them. The list goes on and on.

The bottom line for Ada4U: She makes more money while establishing her brand.

2. Ada4U can easily create WIN-WIN-WIN arrangements.

Imagine this…

Ada4U identifies a company with a product/service that most of her subscribers need.

She offers to endorse/recommend this product/service to her subscribers if…

The company agrees to give her subscribers a discount and gives her a commission for each purchase.

This company wins…

They enjoy bulk sales and reach segments of the market they might NOT have reached otherwise.

Her subscribers win…

They get to enjoy a product or service at less than the usual market price.

Ada4U wins…

She makes extra profit from a related but non-competing product. This is extra revenue without the usual production bottlenecks.


3. Ada4U will then own a valuable media asset that will serve them well on the long run. In the words of Brian Clark…

A company that acts like a digital media company first — using content marketing to attract an audience — is worth more than another company with comparable revenue but no audience platform.

4. A large audience begets an even larger audience.

It’s a fact that people like joining the bandwagon. Everybody’s doing it is enough reason for a lot of people to start doing it.

Ada4U becomes a celebrity cake designer — Everybody who’s somebody now wants her to make their wedding cake.

5. Ada4U gets valuable feedback.

Feedback from a large audience serves as one of the most effective forms of market research.

You simply can’t compare the quality of information you glean from an abstract market to one you gather from an actively engaged audience.

Better market research leads to better products and processes. Better products and processes lead invariably to better results.


Do you see how we went from trying to sell web design to just educating her on how to increase her customer base and take her business to the level she’s always dreamed of (or even never dreamed of)?

Do you see how any sane person who runs a business will be compelled to give it serious thought?

Do you see how you dramatically increase your prospects of getting a new client just because you took the time to help them achieve their targets and beyond?



Now you’re in for a big surprise…

Let me show you how you’ve easily multiplied your earnings from this customer by a factor of twelve…

If you design a website, you get paid once unless they call you for maintenance down the road (Very unlikely if they are NOT making money from their website).

However, by giving them a blueprint to unprecedented success, you’ve also created profitable work/business for the rest of the year.


Now it gets even better…

They may struggle to pay $500 per month for the first 3 months. But guess what happens when they start getting new customers purely from their web presence? Just imagine that their wedding cake orders grow from one per month to about 5 per month with the first quarter…

This will mean that their revenue from cake would have been multiplied by 5. In this case, bringing it to a total of N1 million from just N200k.

What do you think Ada4U will do then?

Will she feel cheated if you had indicated in your initial contract that you’ll be paid N100k per month for retainership by this time?

How about when she starts getting an average of 30 wedding cake orders per month thanks to your web marketing efforts?

Do you think she will find it too hard to pay you N300k per month then to retain your services (she now makes N6 million per month from web marketing efforts)?

What if you are able to convince a total of 10 businesses like Ada4U over the course of the year that you can help them increase their customer base?

What if your team consistently and diligently get all ten businesses to the goals promised?

How much would your business be worth then?

How about when you have a hundred clients?

(The bell rings — It’s the end of today’s lesson)…


But before we call it a day, here are your assignments for the day…


1. Read through this lesson at least twice. Taking note of things that are NOT clear to you.

QuestionAsk your question via the comment box below and I’ll do my best to respond within 24 hours. If you think it’s something you’d like to keep personal, just get into your email and click the “reply” button on the message that introduced this lesson. Send your questions and I’ll answer you within 24 hours.

2. Make a list of at least ten people within your circle/community whose businesses/organizations can be helped like Ada4U. They must be entities that have the capacity to spend at least N80 – N100k per month.

Reach out to as many of these people as possible right away and tell them that you have a way of helping them increase their revenue dramatically. Make sure you study and understand the process applied to Ada4U in today’s lesson before you reach out.

Don’t wait until you know everything. Nobody does. If you get stuck, just tell them that you will discuss with your marketing team (that’s me and my team) and get back to them.


Think about it…


The person who sells at a fast food center isn’t the one responsible for preparing the food. She just sells it (others prepare it).

Go sell the service. We’ve got your back.

Start today with what you already know. It will help you learn faster.

You can do it!

Now you’ve just started your business.

See you tomorrow!


Tomorrow’s lesson…

What To Do If They Can’t or Won’t Hire You!

Any Questions? Any Take aways? Please, leave a comment below.