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How I Made Over 20 Million Naira (About $56k) In 2017 As A Freelance Writer

Yes, I made over 20 million naira in 2017 as a freelance writer. That’s about $56k, for international readers. Now, let’s be clear: That’s a big amount in my part of the world. But that said; I could have made twice that amount within that same time frame without doing much differently. In hind sight,…

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How To Build A Beautiful Website In Simple Steps Even An Eight Year Old Can Do It

Build a beautiful WordPress website in simple steps — So simple even an eight year old can do it. Just follow the video below and do it step by step… Here are the things you need for this tutorial… 1. A domain name and fast reliable hosting here:   2. Get royalty-free pictures here……

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What To Do If They Can’t or Won’t Hire You!

The last lesson showed you the things that you have to do in order to get clients. And, I am sure I have given you the impression that you will have 100% acceptance rate. However, the truth is generally farther away from that: You will likely get more rejections than you probably bargained for. Don’t…

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How To Start Your Own Profitable Business Now!

You should be able to start your own profitable business right away — Within the next three hours! What? How can anyone start a business within three hours? You must be kidding, aren’t you? Incidentally, I am NOT. You can start a legitimate business that will thrive and change your financial status for ever within…

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How To Sell Your Web Design Service

This video will get your started on how to sell your service as a web designer. Let me know if you have any questions…  

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